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About us

We are a team of wedding photographers and videographers, filmmakers at heart. Our team consists of experienced photographers, operators, editors, and coordinators working together to create the highest quality wedding films for you.


Wedding Videographer, Company Director

My journey in the world of videography began with a school project, where the process of creation immediately enchanted me, and the positive feedback reinforced my decision to continue on this path.

In 2019, I participated in several wedding shootings as a co-pilot. That was when I fell in love with wedding filmmaking and the cinematographic style. That’s when I decided to become a professional wedding videographer.
I constantly trained myself, invested significant amounts in my equipment, and shot numerous weddings where I created beautiful, emotion-filled films.

Over the past few years, I have built a team of 6, with whom we shoot and create those wonderful wedding videos at more than 100 weddings a year, that couples have always dreamed of.

Dénes Kocsor

Wedding Photographer

I am Dénes Kocsor, a passionate 25-year-old wedding photographer from Vienna, Austria. My photography is characterized by elegance and timeless beauty. I offer more than just exceptional photos – I create a unique experience.

Your story is the focus of my work. My service is 100% personalized to meet your special wishes and needs. Whether I remain in the background or actively give directions, my goal is to create the best images for you.

Choose me as your wedding photographer, and you can relax, knowing your memories are in good hands.

I look forward to meeting you and capturing your love story!

Máté Barcsa

Wedding Videographer

My passion for filmmaking has been with me since childhood when I made short films with friends after school at the age of 10. These early experiments were the foundation of the knowledge that has now reached a professional level. I always wanted storytelling and preserving memories to be not just my hobby but my vocation.

My enthusiasm for filmmaking took a new direction when I discovered the magical world of aerial photography. In recent years, I have managed to combine these two passions, and now I have found my true calling in aerial and ground filming of events, especially weddings. I learned how to intertwine ground shots with aerial footage to tell complete and captivating stories through images.

What I really love about my work is the satisfaction I feel when I see that a project, into which I put all my knowledge and passion, represents real value for the client. For me, filmmaking is not just capturing images but preserving moments and emotions, a creation that brings stories to life and makes moments eternal.

Each project is another opportunity to perfect my craft, and I always strive to ensure that the end result reflects the couple’s individuality and shares the joy of creation with them. Whether it’s a tender moment in front of the altar, a liberated dance on the parquet, or a touching family embrace at sunset, I am there to capture these emotions and stories that connect people and create valuable memories across generations.

Viktor Kormos

Wedding Videographer

Imagine a film that not only shows your wedding but relives it with you – every smile, tear, and that special magic that exists only on your day. As a filmmaker and storyteller, I bring this magic to the screen. My passion is to discover and preserve your love stories in films that not only share but tell a story.

Over the past five years, I have specialized in wedding cinematography, creating motion pictures that can say more in a single moment than words can express. My films are not just about documenting the ceremony, but about that invisible bond that connects couples and their loved ones.

The challenges that come with filming weddings excite me, and I’m always ready to find new solutions to ensure stunning results. If you’re in the spotlight in front of the camera, I’ll be the director behind the scenes making sure everything is perfect. Allow me to tell your love story.

Andor Huszti

Film Editor

When I first started editing videos, I realized that each clip, each cut represented the birth of a new story.

I taught myself the art of editing and decided that wedding video editing would be my specialty. I believe that a wedding film is not just a simple documentation of the day’s events, but an artistic creation that captures the couple’s love and the emotions experienced that day.

During editing, I focus on the details to capture the most touching and important moments of the day. Working with my team, we strive to ensure that the final film not only reflects the events of the day but also tells your unique story.

When I’m not working on wedding videos, I like to learn new editing techniques, watch films, and gather inspiration from every possible source. Every new project is an opportunity for me to unleash my creativity and bring new ideas to the world of wedding videography. Wedding video editing has become not just my job, but my passion.

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