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Frequently Asked Questions

Music & Sound Questions
and Travel, Feeding and Lodging questions


Yes you absolutely can, but if you are not entirely sure about it, we have a playlist that has more than 200 ‘wedding- appropriate’ songs that you can choose from. If you are still not sure, and rather let the professionals decide, we are more than glad to help you find the perfect music for your wedding film.
Of course! We record your whole wedding ceremony both with a human operated moving camera, and a standing camera. You get this full recording besides your wedding movie with all our packages.
With 2 small but high quality lavaliere microphone, one placed in front of the officiant and the other attached only on the groom. No worries though! We found that one microphone perfectly picks up both of your sounds, and at the same time it doesn’t ruin the bridal dress.
We are primarily UAE wedding videographers, but are open to travel to any destination around the world!
We calculate the travel costs based on when and where your wedding will take place. If you contact us, we can provide you an exact travel fee.
Yes, we’d like you to provide food and accommodation for us on the day(s) of your wedding. Regarding lodging, a basic B&B is perfectly fine!
Music & Sound Questions and Travel, Feeding and Lodging questions

Legal questions and Money-related, Payment questions

Yes. As a professional wedding videography company, our clients are required to sign a contract in order to ensure both parties have clear expectations. The contract also allows us to be prepared so that each wedding video can be produced without a hitch. If you would like a copy of our terms & conditions, please get in touch.

Our cancellation policy is that you would not receive your full Booking Fee back if you cancel our services within 60 days before the wedding. However, if you cancel our services up to 61 days prior to the wedding, the fee of cancellation is only 50% of the Booking Fee. Your final payment is due your wedding date.
In the event that you need to postpone your wedding date, please provide all of your vendors with as many alternative dates as possible.

Yes, we absolutely can! If you’d prefer keeping your wedding film non-public, just notify us about this request. Unlike some wedding videographers, we do not ask you to pay a dime if you’d rather keep things private.
You can find our packages, pricing and each of our additional services, on the “PACKAGES” tab, or by clicking here: [Link]
It is completely normal for an event to run long. We’ll try our best to stay and film as long as possible while it’s still convenient for you. However, we have a certain hourly limit inside our different packages. This hourly limit is always expandable by the specific hourly rate that you can find on the “PACKAGES” tab.

Indeed. Drone footage is a fundamental part of every package! This means you don’t pay extra for this part of the service.

The easiest way to pay is by international bank transfer, and you can also pay via Revolut. By paying the down-payment, which is 50% of the Booking Fee, you secure our services for your wedding day. You only pay the remaining 50%.

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Questions about our presence at your wedding

We always dress smart so that we blend in with your wedding guests and not distract from your wedding day.
It depends on which package you chose, and on your wedding traditions. We usually stay until 1AM if we are capturing a traditional Christian wedding. We also understand that, for example, Hindu weddings take place over several days, so it’s important that we accommodate to your specific needs.
We believe it’s important to have great relationships with the vendors we work with. Photo and video need to work well together, so we make sure that we’re doing our part.
We love collaborating with your photographers. When we arrive, we seek them out and ask them about the angles they want to take photos from and what spots they find their favorite shots from. It’s important to be patient and not rush each other, as our main goal is to capture your wedding day perfectly!
Questions about our presence at your wedding

Equipment Questions

We have a ton of experience in this industry and our equipment is considered top-of-the-line. Our cameras are powerful enough produce clear and high quality (4K) video without being too noticeable.
It depends on the package you choose, but usually 2-3. You can always add extra videographers next to your chosen package. For more information on the prices of additional videographers, click on the “PACKAGES” tab.

We use a very discrete setup, involving no cables or overpowering lights. Usually we don’t even need any lights at all. The only time we do is during reception, when the light is not too strong. Even then, it’s not even close to being overpowering, just bright enough to light up our subject within 10′ of the camera.

Definitely! We always bring extra cameras and accessories in case something happens to the original setup. All of the gear is stored in our car at all times just in case anything should happen.

Equipment Questions

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Additional questions about the service
We pride ourselves in our dedication to the editing process. Although our team of editors work hard, they are also very careful, and pay attention to every little detail. For this reason, it usually takes 4-8 weeks for your video to be delivered.
We provide raw footage for weddings, but it needs to be added to the base package. We want to make sure our couples are educated on what “raw footage” actually looks like when delivered. We take many short clips throughout the day and some can be as short as 5 seconds. That amounts to about 700-1000 different clips on average. We then carefully look through these clips to select the best ones to be included in your wedding film. The raw footage that you’ll receive is still a high quality piece, and is offered as a continuous video, where all the clips shot at your wedding are in a chronological order.
We will not pose you or stage you during your wedding shoot. Our fly-on-the-wall style will capture the day as it unfolds, because when you’re happy with how things are going, comfortable and having fun, the photographs can’t help but look great! Our goal is to capture real moments of the day without being intrusive. In fact, the best compliment we get is when recent couples say they don’t even notice us in attendance as we did such a good job of blending into the guests. We have invested in high-end zoom lenses to capture the important moments up close without disturbing you.
It can be really helpful to make a list of shots you want and any specific details that are important about your venue There’s no need to rush it though. You can write us a message anytime before your wedding if an important idea comes to mind, and we’ll also provide you with many ideas and tips!

Your video will be delivered to you via a DropBox link 4 to 8 weeks after your event day. This link will be active for 60 days, and you can share it with family and friends via social media. You can download the video directly to your computer or laptop to keep for years to come! It’s also an option to have your video uploaded to YouTube, so it’s as easy to share as possible.

Wooden USB packaging engraved with the couple’s names is available for an extra, small fee.

We film all kinds of weddings, including those between two people of the same sex. Love is love, and we believe that every couple deserves to have their special day captured beautifully.


No one wants to think about the possibility of their videographer getting sick on their wedding day, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. At our company, we have an offsite backup team that is on call in case something happens to the originally scheduled production team. Each member of our team is trained in techniques to be able to cover the event with multiple cameras by themselves until the replacement videographer arrives. So you can rest assured that your wedding will be filmed no matter what!
It’s a rare case that a couple would like to change something on their films. However, it does happen sometimes for reasons that are out of our control. In the case if you have anything you’d like to change on your films, we offer one chance of correction for free. For this reason, it’s important to carefully discuss together what you’d like to change, so we can correct your films in one go, and as soon as possible.
This film includes the best moments of your day set to music. We weave in live audio such as messages that you record for each other, your vows, & audio from your ceremony & toasts. The result is a cinematic film that captures the emotions of your day so that you can relive it over and over again throughout your marriage. Imagine how amazing it would be to go to the movie theater to watch a film about your own wedding day… that is how you’ll feel when you watch your wedding film!
You bet. We’re experienced with any denomination of Christian faith, from Catholicism to Presbyterian, frequently handle Jewish ceremonies and are also well experienced with Hindu-Indian and traditional Asian cultures such as Chinese and Japanese weddings, as well as traditional Greek, African and other cultural ceremonies. With 1200 weddings under our belts now, we’ve handled them all! Especially here in the DC and Baltimore regions where there’s vast diversity. That aside, we’re really only there to document the day as it unfolds. So no matter what denomination your ceremony might be, the approach is pretty much the same.
Booking Questions
As soon as you have your date set, it’s a good idea to start thinking about booking your wedding video team. We recommend that you book at least 8-12 months in advance to ensure the best pricing and availability. Wedding season can get busy, and we want to make sure we can accommodate your dates. This also leaves room for us to get to know you and discuss the vision for your wedding video.
Pretty simple! We just need to know what package you’d prefer, and where and when your wedding is taking place. We discuss all the important details through a phone call, then provide you with a simple contract via PDF document through email. Once we receive your 50% deposit, you’re all set! To contact us now, go to the “CONTACT” tab, or click here: [Link]
We absolutely love meeting our couples before their big day to discuss the details. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible. So, we usually recommend a phone or video call. We want to make sure we answer any questions you have and that you are fully confident in our ability to make your wedding film and photos as special as they possibly could be. And more importantly, so we get to know a little bit about yourselves! We don’t want to be strangers on your big day, we want to assure you are as comfortable as possible around us.
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