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Natural Styled, 4K Wedding Films That Truthfully Capture
The Feelings Of Your Wedding

…so you can relive them exactly as they happened!

“…how professionally and passionately did they capture our wedding…”

We absolutely love each moment of our film so much!
It’s hard to put it into words how professionally and passionately did they capture our wedding. Not to mention the humility and great kindness they had towards us. Thank you for everything!

Andrea & Stephen

Video Portfolio

In 2022, we had the opportunity to expand our portfolio by 100+ beautiful and diverse European weddings.

Captured many from small elopements to huge and luxurious 320+ guest weddings, and in different cultures and traditions such as, German, Hungarian, Austrian, or Gypsy.

Thanks to our many years of wedding experience, we know exactly what parts to capture and include in your wedding film that is specific to your tradition.

On request, we’ll also create American Style wedding films, in which we’ll include your speeches & vows.

Highlights films

- about the most beautiful moments

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Petra & Robert

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Nikolette & Matthew

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Magdalene & Andrew

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Kate & Süleyman

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Elisa & Bob

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Victoria & Norbert

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Renata & Leslie

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Fruzina & Daniel

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Vanessa & Thomas

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Christina & Christopher

Wedding shortfilms

- a brief journey through your Love Story

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Petra & Robert

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Magdalena & Andreas

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Regina & Leslie

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Kate & Szüleyman

“Every shot perfectly reflects what we felt on our wedding…”

Every shot perfectly reflects what we felt on our wedding, and it’s a BLAST watching them over again and reliving the moments. Thank You! We can only recommend them as they did a truly professional job, and we could see they really put their whole heart into it.

Laura & Andreas

About Me

Boldizsar Huszti

Cinematographer & Owner

Our team initially started with just 3 wedding videographers, but thanks to the overwhelming requests, we quickly had to expand! Now 10 carefully selected videographers and editors are at your service, all practicing their trade at an exceptionally high level and with great conscientiousness.

Only in 2022, we had the honor to attend and capture 100 beautiful weddings and get to know many-many people!

Right after all the tearful phone calls we get from the couples, this is the greatest acknowledgement of our craft, and each day we work to ensure it stays this way.

"My highest aim is that when you watch your films after the wedding, you feel exactly like being there once again.
Basically a Time-Machine…”

Wedding Photography Services

Working closely with our wedding photography team to provide you with a seamless booking experience, better package prices, and a closely matched videography and photography style.

What To Expect From Us…

We Adapt to Your Tradition

We understand that people come from different cultural and religious backgrounds to hold their wedding. This sometimes means different wedding programs, timelines, and traditions. 

We aim to honor each and every tradition by creating a film that suits and reflects their authentic aspects.Whether you’ll have a traditional Hindu wedding, Christian, Arab, or Persian wedding, we’d like to be there to capture it!

traditional wedding videography

What Makes Your Videos Authentic & Unique

Our initial discussion and brainstorming sessions won’t just simply serve as a time to plan out your wedding film…

We’ll then have the opportunity to get to know your personalities and the tone of your relationship, which will then set the personality and tone of your movies…

Making your wedding film truly authentic, personal, and unique.

Wedding cinematography

The Cinematographic style offers a true movie-like experience to the viewer, making it the opposite of the old school documentary style, which aims to document a wedding with a 2-4-6 hour long continuous, and barely edited video.

With dozens of hours of editing, and special cinematographic techniques, we create you an exciting, heartfelt, and emotional, 4 – 8 or 15 – 25 minute long Wedding Film.

A Wedding Film that captures all the important scenes and emotions, highlighting your Day’s true essence.

Highlighting Your Natural Beauty

How you look on your Wedding Movie is such an important yet sometimes overlooked aspect of the perfect Wedding Film.

This is the video you’ll watch over and over again, show it to your friends, family, kids and grandkids. It’s inherently important that you look your absolute best on it!

Thanks to the modern day equipment, cinematographic experience, and our special attention to the couple’s best angles and attributes, everyone’s beauty can be highlighted and even enhanced beyond expectations.

And so will be Yours!

Our Style

We’ll create your Films in a Realistic and Natural style, that aims to capture your Wedding Day’s feelings and atmosphere as realistically as possible.

When the tears start to collect in your husband’s eyes at the first glance… when your proud father embraces your mother with affection… or when you blush at the moving speech your spouse wrote for you…

We promise to never ruin these moments with weird effects and camera movements, too dramatic and overly creative solutions or with a too artificial atmosphere.


We aim to capture the moments as they were, in their true authentic nature, and hand it back to you as an intimate and emotional movie that not only lets you rewatch your wedding over and over again, but makes you relive one of the most beautiful events of your lives.

A Film That Reflects YOUR Personalities

Some videographers tend to oppress the authentic personalities of the couples by over-expressing his or her own personality and creativity in their videos.

Leaving out the most important part… the couples…

To avoid this happening to you, we’ll find the right balance between our creativity, your style and your personalities to create a wedding film that features YOU.

Your Love. Your Bond. Your Union.

Your Wedding Story Enclosed In a Time-Capsule

Every Wedding has a specific temporal and emotional story.

As you’re nervously getting ready in your rooms… while you are walking down the aisle… at the happiest moment when you kiss each other to seal your union… and as you joyfully celebrate in the evening…

Such scenes inherently walk you through an incredible emotional story, and so will your wedding films!

Quality Over Quantity

One of our team’s fundamental policies is ‘Quality Over Quantity.’
For this reason, we limit the number of wedding videography projects we take on in a year, so we can focus our attention on making the limited few exceptional.

It usually takes us 1-2 months of dedicated editing to create the videos inside our most popular packages.

“...Boldizsar had some exceptionally great ideas…”

Our movies are beautiful! Boldizsar had some exceptionally great ideas, and it was easy to work with them. At the end we got a beautifully edited movie that perfectly reflects the most beautiful and happiest day of our lives! Strongly recommended!

Noemi & Zoltan

Crafted with Love

- the added Value of our Services

4K Camera Equipment

Your Wedding Film Deserves only Premium Quality and it’s Guaranteed by 4K Resolution, 6 years of experience, and Cinematic Techniques used in Hollywood.

A Realistic, Natural Style

Wedding Cinematography
that Honors and Faithfully captures your Love and the True Atmosphere of your Union.

Drone Aerial Shots

4K Aerial Shots about You, your Venue, and anything you’d like!

The Foundation of Your Films: Your Personalities

We base your video’s mood and style around your unique personalities and the atmosphere of your wedding.

Highlighting Your Natural Beauty

With Professional Cinematographic Techniques – both during shooting and in the editing room – we’ll make sure you look your absolute best!

We Aim To Connect With You

We’d love it if your videographer was another friend at your wedding, and not just a random person. 

Our Movie Collection

- exploring the Variety of wedding films we create

  • 1 Minute Trailer Video
  • 4-5 Minutes Highlights Film
  • 6-8 Minutes Highlights Film
  • 10-15 Minutes Wedding Short Film
  • 20-25 Minutes Wedding Feature Film
  • Creative Shots At Your Photography Session (Free)
  • Uncut First Dance (Free)
  • Recording of Your Whole Ceremony
    (with high quality lavalier microphones) (Free)
  • Films of Special Request (Any Length & Any Style)

Films on request

- let's create a wedding film as Unique as Your Love

If you have any special requests regarding your film’s length or style, we are always at your service! Whether you’d like a 2-4-6 hour documentary style video along with a Highlight Film, a Western, Star-Wars, or James Bond themed short movie – or something even more special – we’ll plan it out together and make it happen as you imagined it.

“...Our films are truly top quality...”

All the members are skilled tradesmen, are open to new things, hard-working and conscientious. Our films are truly top quality! Thanks for the professional work and the useful tips you provided at our wedding! We recommend them to everyone!

Naomi & George

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