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In addition to our high-quality videography services, we are delighted to offer professional wedding photography. We only recommend photographers who we fully trust and who share our passion for quality and exceptional service.

We understand the importance of perfect harmony between the videographer and photographer at a wedding. Without this synergy, they can hinder each other’s work. Fortunately, we have worked with our recommended photographer multiple times, experiencing outstanding coordination and collaboration.

We warmly invite you to view the portfolio and introduction of our photographer. If you find his work appealing and feel a connection, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will handle all the details of the collaboration to ensure you receive the best possible memories of your special day. Your trust and satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Denes Kocsor wedding photographer

Dénes Kocsor

European Wedding Photographer

I am Dénes Kocsor, a passionate 25-year-old wedding photographer from Vienna, Austria. My photography is characterized by elegance and timeless beauty. I offer more than just exceptional photos – I create a unique experience.

Your story is the focus of my work. My service is 100% personalized to meet your special wishes and needs. Whether I remain in the background or actively give directions, my goal is to create the best images for you.

Choose me as your wedding photographer, and you can relax, knowing your memories are in good hands.

I look forward to meeting you and capturing your love story!

Capture the essence of your special day with our exceptional photography and videography services – get in touch to make your dream a reality!

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Our detailed price list and package offers help you make the best decision for your wedding.

What You Can Expect When We Work Together

When you entrust us with capturing your big day, you get more than just a photo session. Here are some things you can expect from our collaboration:

Personalized Consultation and Thorough Preparation

Personalized Consultation and Thorough Preparation

As a first step, we conduct a personalized consultation where we get to know each other, discuss your ideas, and go through all the details of your wedding day. 

During this phase, we strive to understand your unique story, style, and the atmosphere you want to capture in the photos. This detailed preparation process helps us tailor the photo day entirely to you, taking into account all your wishes and ideas. 

Moreover, during this phase, we offer advice on planning the venue, attire, and the day’s schedule.

Creative Ideas and Solutions for Perfect Pictures

We are more than just photographers; we are artists who bring creativity and innovation to every shot. We are constantly striving to bring new and exciting ideas into photography, whether it’s about composition, special effects, or the unique use of natural light and surroundings. 

Your personal style and the unique atmosphere of the day inspire us to create images that truly reflect your uniqueness. In every shoot, we aim to capture the moments that best express the essence of your relationship.

Creative Ideas and Solutions for Perfect Pictures
Flexible Approach and Problem-Solving Skills

Flexible Approach and Problem-Solving Skills

We know that a wedding day is full of unexpected events and challenges. That’s why we are very flexible and always ready to find the best solutions for any situation. Whether it’s unpredictable weather conditions, technical issues, or changes in the schedule, we always have a Plan B.

This flexibility and problem-solving ability ensure that the shooting goes smoothly and stress-free, regardless of what’s happening in the background.

Professional Equipment and Techniques for High-Quality Images

By using professional photographic equipment and the latest technical solutions, we ensure that every image is produced in the highest quality. In addition to state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, we also use the latest image editing software. 

This technical setup allows us to create perfect pictures in all lighting conditions, whether it’s the romantic light of sunset or the intimate atmosphere of an indoor setting.

Professional Equipment and Techniques for High-Quality Images
Quick and Efficient Post-Processing for Prompt Delivery

Quick and Efficient Post-Processing for Prompt Delivery

We know how eagerly you await the photos after the wedding, so we edit the images quickly and efficiently. During the editing process, we pay special attention to details to ensure that each picture reflects the magic of your wedding as best as possible. In editing the images, we carefully perfect the colors, lights, and details to ensure the final result is truly impressive. Additionally, we keep in constant contact with you throughout the process to update you on progress and the expected delivery time.

Personal Contact and Continuous Communication

Throughout our collaboration, we maintain constant contact with you to respond timely to any questions or concerns. Before the photo session, on the big day itself, and during the post-processing, we are available to share all information with you and ensure you are satisfied with our services. This personal contact and communication ensure that you feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process, knowing that capturing one of the most important days of your life is in our hands.

Personal Contact and Continuous Communication

Moreover, as photographers, we work to capture every moment of your wedding and create memories that last a lifetime. Your wedding is not just a day in your life but a lifelong memory that we help capture and preserve.

Experience the art of extraordinary wedding storytelling – connect with us to turn your vision into a masterpiece!

6 Steps

to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos!

When it comes to wedding photography, we offer more than just taking pictures. We capture the magic that makes your big day special, all with cutting-edge technology, a creative approach, and professional experience.


Planning and Concept Development:

Start by deciding what style of photos you want. Vintage, modern, natural? Discuss your ideas with the photographer so that the final result reflects your taste and personality.


Choosing the Location:

The choice of location is key to creating perfect photos. Whether it’s a beautiful natural setting, an elegant urban spot, or a personal place of significance to you.


Appropriate Attire and Style:

Selecting your wedding attire and wardrobe is very important. Ensure that your clothing harmonizes with the wedding theme and the style of the photoshoot. Don’t forget accessories like jewelry, belts, shoes that further enhance your look.


Expert Makeup and Hair:

Professional makeup and hairstyling are especially important for photography. Makeup should be natural but highlight your face’s best features, while the hairstyle should complement you and match your attire.


Posing and Body Language:

Practice poses in front of the mirror to find those in which you feel most confident and natural. Remember, comfort and authenticity are key.


Connecting with the Moment:

Whether it’s an engagement or wedding photoshoot, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment. The most wonderful pictures are created when you are truly present and feel every moment.

These steps will help you look your best in your photos and ensure that your wedding pictures become lasting memories.

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How We Can Work Together: In 5 Steps

When we collaborate on wedding photography, it’s important that both parties fully understand the process. Here are the five steps we follow to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration:

First Meeting and Consultation

First Meeting and Consultation

The first and perhaps most crucial step in our collaboration is the initial meeting and consultation. This opportunity allows us to meet in person and discuss the details of your wedding. 

During this phase, we focus on understanding your story as a couple, your style, and what you expect from the photos. 

It’s important to us to get a complete picture of your wedding’s atmosphere, the important people, special moments, and everything that matters to you. 

This step is not just about organizing the logistics of photography but also about building mutual trust and understanding, which is essential for a successful collaboration.

Contract Signing and Date Reservation

After we have agreed on the details, we prepare an official contract that outlines the rights and obligations of both parties. This contract ensures that we are all on the same page regarding every aspect of the photography. Following the contract signing, we officially reserve the date in our calendar. This step ensures that on your wedding day, we can fully concentrate on capturing your special moments and cater entirely to your needs.

Contract Signing and Date Reservation
Preparations and Detailed Planning

Preparations and Detailed Planning

As the wedding day approaches, we delve deeper into the details to ensure everything is perfect. 

This includes site visits to familiarize ourselves with the lighting conditions, background options, and ideal photography spots. 

We then put together the schedule for the day, including photo session times at various locations and key events such as the ceremony, reception, and group photos. 

This step is crucial to ensure that the photo day runs smoothly and efficiently, minimizing stress and maximizing opportunities for perfect pictures.

The Big Day: Photography

On your wedding day, we focus all our attention and energy on capturing those moments that will create lasting memories for you. We arrive early at the location to prepare and set up our equipment. Throughout the day, we work discreetly yet efficiently to capture the key events and the small but significant details. Our goal is to capture every important moment of your wedding day while also providing opportunities for spontaneous and natural shots.

The Big Day: Photography
Post-Processing and Delivery of Photos

Post-Processing and Delivery of Photos

After the wedding is over, the process of post-processing the photos begins. During this phase, we carefully edit the images, refine the colors, and select the best moments. 

This process is thorough and time-consuming, but we ensure that each photo reaches you in the best quality. Once the images are complete, we create an online gallery where you can easily view and download the photos. 

Additionally, if desired, we assist in compiling the perfect wedding album, ensuring that the images form a lasting memory not just in digital form but also as a printed album.

These steps guarantee that our collaboration runs smoothly and stress-free, while we create the best possible memories of your wedding day.

Let the beauty of your wedding day live on through our lens – contact us to capture your love story!

frequently asked questions

Typically, the wedding photo shoot lasts between 6 and 12 hours, depending on how detailed you want the day to be captured. This includes preparations, the ceremony, the reception, and all the special moments.
The completion and editing of the photos usually take 4-6 weeks. We strive to deliver the images as quickly as possible, but in the highest quality.
We fully support you in choosing the location. We make suggestions that match your personal preferences and the style of your wedding, whether it’s a natural setting, an elegant urban location, or a meaningful personal place.
Our packages include various services such as full coverage of the wedding day, pre-engagement shoots, professional photo editing, digital photo albums, and printed albums. Each package can be customized to your needs.
We are prepared for all weather conditions. If necessary, we suggest alternative locations or adjust settings to ensure the quality of the photos.
Yes, we also offer wedding videography. This includes full coverage of the ceremony, the reception, and key moments, along with professional editing and cutting.
We recommend meeting with the photographer in advance to discuss the details. Ensure that you have the appropriate attire, makeup, and hairstyle, and practice poses to feel comfortable and natural during the photo shoot.
We work in a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, documentary, and artistic photography. We always adapt to the style preferences of our clients.
Yes, we offer pre- and post-wedding photo shoots, providing couples with the opportunity to take additional special pictures at other locations.
We provide a full satisfaction guarantee for the quality of our images. If you are not satisfied with the final result for any reason, we offer unlimited image editing and corrections to ensure the perfect outcome.
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