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In 2022, we had the opportunity to expand our portfolio by 100+ beautiful and diverse European weddings.

Captured many from small elopements to huge and luxurious 320+ guest weddings, and in different cultures and traditions such as, German, Hungarian, Austrian, or Gypsy.

Thanks to our many years of wedding experience, we know exactly what parts to capture and include in your wedding film that is specific to your tradition.

On request, we’ll also create American Style wedding films, in which we’ll include your speeches & vows.

Zsuzsa Darab

Hello, I am Zsuzsa!

As a destination wedding photographer, I was always seeking new adventures, enthusiastically threw myself into new challenges. I tried myself and lived in several Nordic countries, also traveled a lot around, mostly in Europe.
This kind of curiosity always drives me forward.

I love locations with special natural features and discovering their wonderful remote and hidden corners will serve as the perfect scenery and make one of the happiest events of your life together even more unforgettable.

My intention is to make photography a nice experience for you too, and to capture all the romantic, intimate, honest and unique moments of your greatest day.

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